Wills, Power of Attorney, Trusts

Carefully thought out wills and the strategic use of trusts are essential to an Estate Plan which accurately reflects your wishes. 

Vellani Law can help guide you and provide options when drafting wills or utilizing trusts to minimize estate tax and disputes among your beneficiaries. 

Vellani Law can help with:

- Preparation and drafting of dual wills 
- Power of Attorney for Personal Care 
- Power of Attorney for Property 
- Henson Trusts 
- Family and Alter Ego Trusts 
- Charitable donation planning 
- Family Law considerations
- Guardianship of minor children
- Mental Incapacity applications 

We can also provide advice regarding Estate Administration and Trustee selection in addition to:

- Serving as an Estate Trustee and carrying out your Estate
- Serving as the legal advisor to your Estate Trustee
- Helping formulate particular powers to help govern appointed Trustees 

To discuss the best way to draft your will(s) and utilize trusts as part of your overall Estate Plan, Contact us today.

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