Tax Law & CRA Services

From structuring your business at start-up, to investment and expansion decisions, to selling or passing on your business, Vellani Law can help you make the right tax decision. 

Each and every decision you make can have present and future tax consequences. When it comes to Tax Law, we are at a distinct advantage because we are not just lawyers, but are lawyers who are educated and have experience in taxation and accounting.

Vellani Law can help with:

- Corporate Re-organizations
- Amalgamations
- Tax-free Rollovers
- Estate Freezes
- Share transactions
- HST and Payroll Regulations

We also have extensive experience dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and can advise on:

- CRA Tax Audits 
- Notice of Objections and Appeals 
- CRA Collection Actions (garnishments, liens, etc.)
- Taxpayer Relief Applications 

Vellani Law can also help direct you to the right accounting or tax professional through our extensive network. When it comes to the CRA and tax issues, it is always best to be proactive. Contact us today.

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