Corporate Law

From starting your business, to operational and investment decisions, to selling or creating a succession plan, Vellani Law can provide in-depth corporate law knowledge to provide effective and strategic solutions to help grow your business or prepare for retirement.

We offer clients a full range of business law services to help them meet the challenges of running a successful business.

Vellani Law can help with:

- Incorporation and Articles of Amendment
- Shareholder and Partnership Agreements
- Shareholder and Partner disputes
- Share transactions (issuance, sale, transfer, reorganizations)
- Asset or Share Purchases and Sales
- Employee Contracts
- Commercial Leases (negotiation, review and drafting)

We can also provide Corporate Governance services such as:

- Minute books
- By-Laws and Resolutions
- Tax Compliance
- Employee regulation
- General Business Law advice
– HST and Payroll Regulations

Vellani Law can also help direct you to professionals who can help grow and sustain your business through our extensive network. Contact us today.

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