Business Advisory Services

Whether starting a business, beginning a professional career, making an investment, or selling your business, Vellani Law can help you every step of the way.

At Vellani Law, we believe a multidisciplinary approach that involves taxation, accounting, financial, operational, strategic and legal considerations will provide a complete picture of your business decisions and investments. Let us help you make the right decisions which take into account your present and future goals.

Vellani Law can help with:

- General Business Consulting.
- Business Plans and Strategy
- Accounting and Tax Advice
- Financial Viability of your Investment and Financial Statement Analysis
- Employment Regulation.
- Negotiation and Mediation

Vellani Law can also help direct you to professionals who can help grow and sustain your business through our extensive network. From accountants, to financial lenders, to insurance and real estate brokers, we have a network of trusted and reliable professionals.

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