Vellani Law’s purpose is to provide all-encompassing legal and business services to both individuals and small businesses throughout Ontario. Prior to his career in law, Inayat Vellani spent numerous years working in small businesses and had the opportunity to provide bookkeeping and accounting services to a variety of businesses and professionals. As a result, Inayat became particularly sensitive to the many challenges owners faced, from the inability to attain capital, to tax compliance, to finding reliable and professional legal services.

While studying at Osgoode Hall Law School, Inayat realized that he needed to supplement his legal education with business knowledge and perspective – something lacking in many legal professionals today. With this in mind, he also attained a Masters of Business Administration with a specialization in taxation and accounting from the Schulich School of Business.

The combination of both disciplines helped Inayat focus on what he enjoyed most, business law. More specifically, Inayat realized that utilizing his skills and knowledge in a wide array of areas from legal advice and solicitor work, to business and tax strategy, would help him provide unique and comprehensive professional services.

After law school, Inayat worked at a national law firm that is uniquely positioned to serve both multi-national corporations and small business owners. This experience provided exposure to a wide variety of industries and companies which enabled Inayat to realize that his career should focus on providing legal help and business knowledge to markets which he felt were underserviced – the small business industry, franchisees and professionals.

Thus, Vellani Law was born with a unique background of corporate law, tax, accounting and vast business knowledge. It is Inayat’s goal to become that of a “partner” to your organization, helping you every step of the way and providing reliable legal and advisory services.

When it comes to evaluating our success, there is only one measure - your success.