What our clients say about Inayat

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S.L Toronto, Franchisee

Our legal and business relationship with Vellani Law has been very valuable since the early stages of our business. Compared to lawyers we have used in the past, Vellani Law provides friendly, professional advice, and support at a reasonable cost. We never feel intimidated or taken advantage of when dealing with the firm, and as a result, we never hesitate to recommend Vellani Law to our friends and business associates.

Tony V Mississauga

I’m a small entrepreneur running a successfully an IT firm in Mississauga. I’m glad that I have found Vellani Law as they are able to provide a broad range of legal services to maximize the growth of the business. In addition to their astute legal advice, their business and tax advice at each and every step of the way helped me manage my business while obtaining my goals. What I love the most is their modern approach to providing legal services which works well with young entrepreneurs and start up companies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

B.F Hamilton, Retail Store Owner

I used Vellani Law to incorporate my business. At first I contemplated incorporating through other online providers or doing it myself. After a quick discussion with Inayat, I soon realized that it was well worth hiring a lawyer to help me with the process. Not only did Inayat discuss the pros and cons of incorporating, he almost convinced me that I may not need to incorporate at all to save funds and focus my limited resources on my business. His approach is genuine which is refreshing in the legal industry. I would highly recommend Vellani Law to anyone looking for genuine advice and support to turn their business ideas into reality.

R.G Franchisor

Vellani Law’s incomparable unique and tailored business and legal advice helped me setup my franchising business in the right manner. Since helping us setup the initial structure, the firm has helped us with agreements, disputes, and general legal and business advice along the way at a competitive and affordable rate.

Sameer B Online Website Sales

I found Inayat to be very approachable and friendly – no matter how silly my questions were, he was able to provide highly detailed answers in a manner I could understand and appreciate. Being a start up company, I faced numerous difficulties to forecast the entire legal needs of a business, but once hired Vellani Law, their legal help, advice and tips helped point me in the right direction. Inayat has great response time and attention to detail – I have and will continue to refer him to others.