Inayat is a proud graduate of the University of Waterloo. While enrolled in the Arts and Business program, Inayat pursued a major in Legal Studies. The Legal Studies major was a catalyst to his pursuit of law as it provided him with a unique combination of the study of law with many other disciplines. Legal Studies helped him realize that the law is ever present and has an influence in almost every area of our lives, from birth registration, to property conveyance on passing.

Given his interest and education in business, Inayat was immediately drawn to business and corporate law at Osgoode Hall Law School. While enrolled in a course which specifically focused on counselling and supporting small businesses, Inayat decided to complete his Graduate Research Paper on small business financing with an emphasis on the many obstacles these types of businesses face when trying to attain the necessary capital for both operations and investment.

In association with this course, Inayat was accepted into the highly regarded Osgoode Business Clinic (OBC). The OBC was one of the most memorable experiences Inayat had at law school as it enabled him to combine his legal and business knowledge and provide services to start-up businesses that would not be able to afford legal services otherwise. The OBC helped Inayat realize that he could use his skills and education to not only pursue a meaningful career, but to also help others.

While studying at Osgoode, Inayat’s interest in business, accounting and taxation fueled him to pursue a joint enrollment in both business and tax law at Osgoode and the Masters of Business Administration specializing in accounting and taxation at the Schulich School of Business. The MBA helped to supplement and complement Inayat’s legal education and gave him the confidence and knowledge to provide more than just legal services.

As a result, Vellani Law is well positioned to provide exceptional legal services as we are able to understand your business strategy, your industry demands, tax considerations, and how to tailor our services to fit your unique goals and wishes.

Our goal is to help your business grow and succeed by providing comprehensive legal and business strategy.